* Note that a day may be lost due to flight timings and travel delays.

** Itinerary is based on the Islamic calendar and may need to be adjusted by a day due to moon-sighting.

*** During the Hajj season, the third bed in a triple occupancy room normally consists of a roll-away bed, and rooms can be a little cramped as these rooms would normally be configured as double rooms outside the Hajj season. Double room does not necessarily mean a king-size bed; it could consist of 2 single beds.

NOTE: During the days of the Hajj rites, all our packages include 3 meals a day, 24 hour supply of hot and cold drinks. We aim to offer tents close to the Jamarat, as we have been for the last 13 years, along with use of the Makkah Metro train service; however, it is not possible to confirm these services at the time of printing of this brochure. If we are unable to secure these services then we will offer a refund of £650 per adult and will accommodate our pilgrims in the regular European tents and use coach transport. All of our ground transportation is on air-conditioned coaches and exclusively for our group – we do not use government buses which are shared with others (except from airport to hotel).