Why choose us?

A stones throw away.

We accommodate all our pilgrims in the ‘VIP’ European area, which is about a 10-minute walk from the Jamarat, making stoning very easy, especially for the elderly, infirm and sick.

Pilgrims from the UK are normally accommodated almost an hour walk away from the Jamarat, making the stoning ritual strenuous for most and impossible for others.

During the days of the rites of Hajj, the majority of time will be spent in the tents in Mina. You will also be required to go to the Jamarat to perform the stoning almost everyday – therefore the location of the tents is one of the important aspects of any Hajj package.

In the Mina tents we will provide mattresses, blankets, pillows, a 24 hours supply of hot and cold drinks, and 3 meals a day.


For the 2 Week Deluxe and the 3 Week Deluxe packages, we will offer flights to Madinah operating either direct or indirect.

For the 11 Day Deluxe Package and the 3 Week Essential Package, we will offer direct or indirect flights to Jeddah.

Hours cut to minutes.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the pilgrims is the extremely lengthy coach journeys during the days of the Hajj rites. Often journeys of only a few miles can take 6-8 hours, making it perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences for many pilgrims.

For our pilgrims that are accommodated in the VIP tents close to the Jamarat, transportation to the various Hajj sites is by the Makkah Metro Train Service. We have been using these trains for the last five years, and the journey times between the various sites were extremely short.

‘Shifting’ or ‘Non-Shifting’?

Some tour operators provide packages that retain their accommodation in Makkah during the days of Hajj (8-13 Dhul-Hijjah), they call this ‘Non-Shifting’.

All of our groups will have access to our building located in Shisha. We are of the view that this is far more useful than having a hotel in Makkah. Why? Well for the 5 or 6 days that you spend in Mina, it is extremely difficult to make your way to Makkah due to the heavy traffic congestion and roads being gridlocked as a result.

Many UK groups offer accommodation in Aziziyyah. This also poses the same problems as it is located too far from the Mina tents and, thus making it very difficult to access.

The building that we have in Shisha is literally 20 minutes walk away from our Mina tents. This means that you can go there at any time to use the bathroom facilities, freshen up and rest. As the facilities in Mina are very basic, the Shisha building is an excellent alternative that you will have easy access to at any time.

The important thing to remember is that the stay in Mina is part of your Hajj Rites, the easily accessible accommodation we provide in Shisha is designed to alleviate a little pressure and provide facilities for simple refreshment and comfort.

All of our deluxe packages now offer high quality 5-star hotel accommodation in very close proximity to the Haram all the way up to 8th Dhul-Hijjah, thus not spending any extra days in Shisha beyond the days of the Hajj rites.

Our packages have limited places available and usually sell out very fast! BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.