You’re in Safe Hands

One of our greatest assets is our team.

From the time you depart from the UK, you will be accompanied by our experienced team every step of the way to make sure that help is always available should you need it. They will keep you fully informed, offer you the reassurance that you may require and will always be happy to answer your questions. Pilgrims are consistently impressed by the dedication, commitment and sincerity of our team – nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

Over the years we have learnt the importance of using local expertise. To make sure all the logistics are taken care of down to the last detail, we employ a very reputable local Saudi company that has decades of experience in delivering exceptional service. This partnership has gone from strength to strength over the last 17 years.

"Couldn't have asked for a better group to have gone with. Highly recommended. Each and everyone was extremely helpful, kind, professional, very patient and really approachable. Absolutely loved the entire team of organisers. And wouldn't have had the amazing Hajj experience without them. The hotels were really nice too and I especially enjoyed the talks after Salah in Mina. So useful and reflective. If it was possible I would do hajj over and over again with Al-Hidaayah!"

Ms M Beg (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

Core Team

Muhammad Naeem

Hajj Director

Personally, one of the highlights of the Hajj tour is working with a truly superb team dedicated to facilitating a comfortable and fulfilling Hajj for the pilgrims and always prepared to go the extra mile.

The dedication of the team along with the amazing hujjaj we are blessed with every year helps to create a real ‘family’ atmosphere in the group which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. I find that with the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation that are formed, as a group, we are able to overcome even the most challenging of situations, which makes my job so much easier!”

Muhammad Saeed

Advance Team

Attention to detail and meticulous planning are two things that we always insist on to ensure a smooth and trouble free experience for our pilgrims. We look forward to welcoming you at check-in upon your arrival in to Saudi Arabia!

With everything being stretched to the limit during Hajj, even the 5 star hotels sometimes fall short of the service that you would expect! To minimise any problems, the Advance Team precedes the group at each stage of the journey. They ensure everything is ready and ‘check-in’ processes are as smooth as possible when you arrive at your hotel, the Shisha building or the Mina tents.

Dr Nasser Ahmed

Group Doctor

I look forward to assisting you with your medical needs so that you are able to perform the rites of Hajj in comfort.

As our dedicated senior doctor who travels with us from the UK, he will take care of your physical wellbeing. Dr Ahmed is a consultant in emergency medicine at a London hospital. In the event of any illnesses or injuries during the Hajj days, he will be on-hand for any medical advice required.

Educational Guides

Shaykh Dr Ahsan Hanif

  • BA in Shariah from Islamic University of Madinah.
  • PhD in Islamic Studies, University of Birmingham.
  • Speaks at international conferences.
  • Instructor for Al Maghrib Institute and Knowledge International University.

Shaykh Muhammad Tim Humble

  • BA in Shariah from Islamic University of Madinah.
  • Studied under a number of prominent Islamic scholars.
  • Has performed Hajj numerous times.
  • Currently works as an Imam and Khateeb.

Shaykh Wajid Malik

  • Studied at the University of Madinah, College of Hadith for a number of years.
  • An experienced shaykh who has spent many years teaching.
  • Currently working as an Imam and Khatib in the UK.

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