Top tips to stay healthy during Hajj

See your GP early in preparation to ensure your health, medication and prescription items are optimised.

Do not omit/change your medication without clearing it with your GP prior to travel.

Practice good hygiene measures. Wash your hands before/after food/bathroom use etc.

Carry a list of medical conditions, prescription items and relevant important phone numbers. Ensure your travel companion has a copy.

Purchase good footwear and practice walking daily in the build-up to the Hajj trip.

For the ladies please address menstrual matters before you leave as issues can often be avoided with good prior planning.

Pack essential medication in your hand luggage and ensure that you take spares.

Ensure you eat regularly, drink plenty and use common sense when purchasing food. Do not let yourself become dehydrated for fear of becoming unwell.

Rest well the day before you leave and pack plenty of patience, remember Hajj is not a holiday!

Finally remember the vast majority of people go well, remain well and will return well. So enjoy this amazing journey.

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