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Lone travellers wishing to book on to any of the deluxe packages must select a double room. Triple rooms are not available to lone travellers on the deluxe packages. When booking as two people on the deluxe packages you must choose a double room, triple room option will not be available to you.


Hajj packages 2016 UK Released!

This year, Al-Hidaayah has launched the most anticipated 5 star Hajj packages. These are considered from amongst the best Hajj packages from the UK. If you cannot get enough time off this year then we have a 12 day Hajj package 2016 for you. This allows you to complete your Haj tour without compromising any of the Hajj rites. Furthermore, Our Hajj tours are always accompanied by a highly experienced and local Saudi team who we have been using since launching our very first Hajj package in 2000. In fact, we have one of the highest ratios of Tour Guides to Pilgrims - 1 Tour Guide for 25 Pilgrims. All of the Al-Hidaayah team speak English and some also speak Arabic and Urdu. We have consistently delivered on the promises made over the years and are happy to say that we have continued to build on this reputation.

Our Hajj packages 2016 will also include spiritual and educational development ensuring that our fellow Pilgrims do not feel that our Haj tours are just full of empty rituals. From the pre-Hajj seminar to the extensive literature and from the lectures to the question and answer sessions, we ensure that the Haj tours are full of opportunities for you to develop spiritually. We also have at least 2 dedicated religious Hajj tour guides at hand for any of your questions pertaining to the Hajj. They can be contacted at any time during the Haj tour. Please follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the launch of our Hajj packages 2016.


Leave the rest
to us.

The sole objective of your endeavour is to attain an accepted Hajj, the reward for which is no less than Paradise. With the aim of attaining this momentous aspiration, necessary measures must be taken in order to ensure that you can maintain an unwavering focus throughout the entire journey.

Since the year 2000, we have facilitated Hajj for almost 6000 pilgrims.

Hajj can be a very daunting prospect, so it is important that you have the right help at hand every step of the way. We personally ensure that all of the arrangements and logistical details have scrupulously been taken care of. The dedication of our highly experienced and professional team will allow you to be at ease; ensuring that you will be completely taken care of. This will allow you to enjoy and completely immerse yourself in the Hajj experience, enabling you to take advantage of this life changing opportunity.


Our packages are the culimnation of
our vast experience and the result of
attentively listening to the feedback of our customers.

Organising the Hajj trip is something that we take very seriously. It is a huge responsibility which weighs heavily on our shoulders. For this reason a lot of thought and consideration goes into each and every aspect of the Hajj packages. Each year improvements and enhancements are made to ensure that what we have on offer is exemplary.


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12 DAY

27th Sept - 8th Oct


25th Sept - 9th Oct


20th Sept - 9th Oct


20th Sept - 8th Oct
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3 mins 3 mins 3 mins 5 mins
N/A 1 min 1 min 5 mins
£ 7095 £ 7595 £ 7195 £ 5195
12 15 20 20
9 10 15 15


1 Tour Guide to 25 Pilgrims*.

We employ one of the best local experts.

Spiritual & Educational Development.

Not only do we ensure that our team is large enough to offer an excellent service, but more importantly we believe that we have an absolutely exceptional team. In fact the most consistent feedback that we get from our customers is always about the dedication, sincerity and commitment of our team. Rest assured that you will be accompanied every step of the way by experienced guides who are always prepared to go that extra mile.

*Average ratio of pilgrims to Al-Hidaayah staff.

We employ one of the best local experts.

We work with a highly experienced and reputable Saudi company. They take care of almost everything - logistics, transport, hotels, etc. We have worked with this company for 16 years and they have proved to be very reliable - always delivering what they promise.

Spiritual & Educational Development.

We want to educate all of our pilgrims to ensure that Hajj does not become a set of empty rituals. We want this journey to be a turning point in your life. We do this through education and inspiration. From the Pre-Hajj seminar, to the extensive literature, and the lectures and Q&A sessions in Makkah and Madinah - all of this adds so much more to the Hajj experience.


Muhammad Naeem
Hajj Director

“Being tasked with organising one of the UK’s largest Hajj groups is both a huge responsibility and a great honour. Organising any Hajj trip is an extremely challenging endeavour.”

Ensuring everything runs smoothly can be exhausting and very demanding. In spite of all the difficulties of the journey and the burden of the responsibility, all of this pales into insignificance when you consider that you have in some small way assisted a fellow Muslim in fulfilling their obligation of Hajj.

Muhammad Saeed
Advance Team

“We offer a seamless experience, ensuring every detail is taken care of prior to the arrival of our esteemed pilgrims. This is one of the ways we go above and beyond what other tour operators offer”

With everything being stretched to the limit during Hajj, even the 5 star hotels sometimes fall short of the service that you would expect! To minimise any problems, the Advance Team precedes the group at each stage of the journey. They ensure everthing is ready and ‘check-in’ processes are as smooth as possible when you arrive at your hotel, the Shisha building or the Mina tents.

Dr Nasser Ahmed
Group Doctor

““I will be on hand throughout the days of Hajj to deal with any medical emergencies and ensure that you get the best out of this magnificent journey of a life time.”

As our dedicated senior doctor who travels with us from the UK, he will take care of your physical well-being. Dr Ahmed is a consultant in emergency medicine at a London hospital. In the event of any illnesses or injuries during the Hajj days, he will be on-hand for any medical advice required.


Shaykh Dr Ahsan Hanif

  • BA in Shariah from Islamic University of Madinah
  • PhD in Islamic Studies, University of Birmingham
  • Speaks at international conferences
  • Instructor for Al Maghrib Institute and Knowledge International University

Shaykh Muhammad
Tim Humble

  • BA in Shariah from Islamic University of Madinah
  • Studied under a number of prominent Islamic scholars
  • Has performed Hajj numerous times
  • Currently works as an Imam and Khateeb

Shaykh Wajid Malik

  • Studied at the University of Madinah, College of Hadith for a number of years
  • An experienced shaykh who has spent many years teaching
  • Currently works as an Imam and Khateeb in the UK


A stones
throw away

We accommodate all our pilgrims in the ‘VIP’ European area, which is about a 10-minute walk from the Jamarat, making stoning very easy, especially for the elderly, infirm and sick.

Pilgrims from the UK are normally accommodated almost an hour walk away from the Jamarat, making the stoning ritual strenuous for most and impossible for others.

During the days of the rites of Hajj, the majority of time will be spent in the tents in Mina.

You will also be required to go to the Jamarat to perform the stoning almost everyday - therefore the location of the tents is one of the important aspects of any Hajj package.

In the tents in Mina we will provide mattresses, blankets, pillows, a 24 hours supply of hot and cold drinks, and 3 meals a day.


Hours cut to minutes.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the pilgrims is the extremely lengthy coach journeys during the days of the Hajj rites. Often journeys of only a few miles can take 6-8 hours, making it perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences for many pilgrims.

For our pilgrims that are accommodated in the VIP tents close to the Jamarat, transportation to the various Hajj sites is by the Makkah Metro Train Service. We have been using these trains for the last three years, and the journey times between the various sites were extremely short.

Staying in Shisha

'Shifting' or 'Non-Shifting'?
Some tour operators provide packages that retain their accommodation in Makkah during the days of Hajj (8-13 Dhul-Hijjah), they call this ‘Non-Shifting’.

All of our groups will have access to our building located in Shisha. We are of the view that this is far more useful than having a hotel in Makkah. Why? Well for the 5 or 6 days that you spend in Mina, it is extremely difficult to make your way to Makkah due to the heavy traffic congestion and roads being gridlocked as a result.

Many UK groups offer accommodation in Aziziyyah. This also poses the same problems as it is located too far from the Mina tents and, thus making it very difficult to access. The building that we have in Shisha is literally 20 minutes walk away from our Mina tents. That means that you can go there at any time to use the bathroom facilities, freshen up and rest. As the facilities in Mina are very basic, the Shisha building is an excellent alternative that you will have easy access to at any time.

The important thing to remember is that the stay in Mina is part of your Hajj Rites, the easily accessible accommodation we provide in Shisha is designed to alleviate a little pressure and provide facilities for simple refreshment and comfort.


For the 2 Week Deluxe and the 3 Week Deluxe packages, we will offer flights to Madinah operating either direct or indirect.

For the 12 Day Deluxe Package and the 3 Week Essential Package, we will offer direct or indirect flights to Jeddah.

All flights will return from Jeddah.


  • Does anyone accompany the group from the UK?

    Yes, around 15 organisers accompany the group from the UK, most of whom have performed Hajj many times. All of our organisers are fluent in English as well as a few who are fluent in Arabic.

    We also have a Saudi team that joins us once we arrive in Saudi Arabia, who have decades of experience in organising Hajj.

  • Do you provide any religious guidance?

    Yes, we try to organise regular lectures whilst in Saudi Arabia, covering the rites of Hajj in detail. Al-Hidaayah staff will be with you throughout the trip and are available to answer any questions. We will have at least 3 religious scholars traveling with us.

  • Is the source of the money that I use for Hajj important?

    The money that you use to pay for the Hajj must be from Halal sources. It is stated in a Prophetic tradition, ‘Indeed Allah is Pure and accepts only that which is pure.’

  • What if I get ill?

    A medical doctor, who accompanies us from the UK, will be available for advice and to prescribe medicine during the days of the Hajj rites. Most medicines are available over the counter, but if you need to go to hospital, you would be entitled to free medical treatment at government hospitals.

  • How will we be accommodated in Shisha?

    As there will be 4 or 5 people in each room, the male and female pilgrims will be split into separate rooms. Therefore you will be unable to stay with your family members during these few nights. The accommodation will be basic, yet functional with air-conditioned rooms.

  • Why does the 2 Week Deluxe Package cost more than the 3 Week Deluxe Package?

    Although the 2 Week Deluxe package is shorter, the period of stay in the hotels in Makkah and Madinah fall on peak dates attracting extremely high rates. The 3 Week Deluxe package stays in Makkah when the hotel rates are slightly lower.

  • Are there any provisions for vegetarians or people with other special dietary requirements?

    Unfortunately Al-Hidaayah cannot make any provisions for vegetarians or people with other special dietary requirements for the meals served during the Hajj days. Meals served in the hotels normally have a variety of dishes and will usually include some vegetarian dishes, however we cannot guarantee this.

  • Will I have access to hotel facilities during our stay in Mina?

    No, during the days of the rites of Hajj we will not have access to any hotel facilities. However you will have access to our building in Shisha, which is located about 20 minutes walk from our Mina tents.

  • How do I arrange my sacrifice?

    We can arrange the sacrifice for you; it will cost approximately £85. You will be given the precise information upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

  • How will the men and women be accommodated in Mina?

    Men and women stay in separate tents in Mina. The tents are normally adjacent to each other.

  • Can you organise for me to fly on to another destination after the completion of Hajj?

    All pilgrims must travel on our flights both into Saudi Arabia and also back to the UK.

  • Do I need to visit your office to book?

    No, you may book online (www.hajj.al-hidaayah.travel) or post your booking form and deposit to us. All valuable documents should be sent to us using Special Delivery. Likewise we will return all valuable documents via Special Delivery.

  • What interpretation of Islam will be adopted?

    Everything will be done according to the Quran and Sunnah, insha Allah.

  • Will I be able to contact my husband/wife in Mina?

    Yes, but under no circumstances will men be allowed to enter the women’s tent, and vice versa.

  • Can I change the flight dates?

    The flight dates are not changeable.


“Take plenty of rest the day before you leave and pack
plenty of patience!”

  1. See your GP early in preparation to ensure your health, medication and prescription items are optimised.
  2. Carry a list of medical conditions, relevant important numbers with a prescription list with you and give a copy to your travel companion.
  3. Pack essential medication in your hand luggage and ensure that you take spares.
  4. Do not omit/change your medication without clearing it with your GP prior to travel.
  5. Purchase good footwear and practice walking daily in the build-up to the Hajj trip.
  1. Take plenty of rest the day before you leave and pack plenty of patience!
  2. Ensure you eat regularly, drink plenty and use common sense when purchasing food. Do not let yourself become dehydrated for fear of becoming unwell.
  3. Practice good hygiene measures. Wash your hands before/after food/ bathroom use etc.
  4. For the ladies please address menstrual matters before you leave as issues can often be avoided with good prior planning.
  5. Finally remember the vast majority of people go well, remain well and will return well. So enjoy this amazing journey.

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