Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone accompany the group from the UK?

Yes, around 15 organisers accompany the group from the UK, most of whom have performed Hajj many times. All of our organisers are fluent in English as well as a few who are fluent in Arabic.

We also have a Saudi team that joins us once we arrive in Saudi Arabia, who have decades of experience in organising Hajj.

Do you provide any religious guidance?

Yes, we organise regular lectures whilst in Saudi Arabia, covering the rites of Hajj in detail. Al-Hidaayah staff will be with you throughout the trip and are available to answer any questions. We will have at least 3 religious scholars traveling with us.

Is the source of the money that I use for Hajj important?

The money that you use to pay for the Hajj must be from Halal sources. It is stated in a Prophetic tradition, ‘Indeed Allah is Pure and accepts only that which is pure.’

What if I get ill?

A medical doctor, who accompanies us from the UK, will be available for advice during the days of the Hajj rites. Most medicines are available over the counter, but if you need to go to hospital, you would be entitled to free medical treatment at government hospitals.

How will we be accommodated in Shisha?

As there will be 4 or 5 people in each room, the male and female pilgrims will be split into separate rooms. Therefore you will be unable to stay with your family members during your stay in Shisha. The accommodation will be basic, yet functional with air-conditioned rooms.

What if there is a date change due to moon sighting?

The Hajj rites and some of the hotel bookings are based on the lunar calendar. As the beginning of the month is dependent on the actual moon sighting there is a possibility that the itinerary may change by one day if the actual sighting differs from the official Saudi calendar. In this case we will do our utmost to manage the situation in the best way possible and may mean spending an extra night in the Shisha building. This change will not affect our flights.

Are there provisions for vegetarians or people with other special dietary requirements?

Unfortunately Al-Hidaayah cannot make any provisions for vegetarians or people with other special dietary requirements for the meals served during the Hajj days. Meals served in the hotels normally have a variety of dishes and will usually include some vegetarian dishes, however we cannot guarantee this.

Will I have access to hotel facilities during our stay in Mina?

No, during the days of the rites of Hajj we will not have access to any hotel facilities. However you will have access to our building in Shisha, which is located about 20 minutes walk from our Mina tents.

How do I arrange my sacrifice?

We can arrange the sacrifice for you; it will cost approximately £110. You will be given the precise information upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

How will the meals be served during the days of the Hajj rites?

During the days of the Hajj rites some meals will be served in the Mina tents whilst others will be served in the Shisha building. Basic packed meals will be served in Mina, whereas in Shisha there will be a buffet. You will be provided with an itinerary, which details the location where each meal will be served.

How will the men and women be accommodated in Mina?

Men and women stay in separate tents in Mina. The tents are normally adjacent to each other.

Will I be able to contact my husband/wife in Mina?

Yes, but under no circumstances will men be allowed to enter the women’s tent, and vice versa.

Can I travel with Al-Hidaayah if I live abroad?

As long as you are a British citizen, we should be able to accommodate you on one of our packages. We always have people joining us from other countries. Please call us for further information.

What interpretation of Islam will be adopted?

Everything will be done according to the Quran and Sunnah, insha Allah.

Can you organise for me to fly on to another destination after the completion of Hajj?

All pilgrims must travel on our flights both into Saudi Arabia and also back to the UK.

Can I change the flight dates?

The flight dates are not changeable.

Do I need to visit your office to book?

No, you can click here to book online, or post your booking form (which you can download here) along with your deposit to us. All valuable documents should be sent to us using Special Delivery. Likewise we will return all valuable documents via Special Delivery.

What Our Pilgrims Say:

Honestly, I have never enjoyed performing ibadah so much especially after Dr Ahsan, our religious guide told us to enjoy this and not be scared. The only stress I had during this trip was making sure I was spending most of my time in ibadah with khushoo and excellence as Al-Hidaayah had sorted everything else out down to the minutest details. This was my first time doing Umrah and Hajj but it never felt like it, I felt at home as if I had been there so many times and this was due to the experience, organisation and guidance of the Al-Hidaayah team. This trip has given me a boost, a revival within my spirit and a fresh start coming back to the UK. I was able to reflect on how I want to become a better Muslim and what I need to change in order for my hajj to be accepted. May Allah (swt) accept it from me and reward the Al-Hidaayah team who have helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams, making it one of the best experiences of my life.

Mr Ameen (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

This trip was life changing. It was the most amazing experience I have had. I want to go back insha Allah. I have met some fantastic people along the way. Alhamdulillah Al-Hidaayah made everything else easy for us so that we could concentrate on our Ibadaah. Great service!

Ms J Mohamed (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

I thoroughly enjoyed my Hajj, Alhamdulilah. By the permission of Allah I’m sure that going with Al Hidaayah really helped due to the services you provide, the staff and the organisation. The group as a whole alhamdulilah really got on well. Al Hidaayah comes highly recommended and I would happily go with you again inshaAllaah. Jazak Allahukhayr to you all.

S Khanam

Your staff were really very inspirational. Such calm, professional, kind and caring individuals. They really made our travel so comfortable. A very humbling experience, to be around such individuals.

M. Ali (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2017)

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