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What Our Pilgrims Say:

The trip was billed as “the journey of a lifetime” and upon return the only way to describe the whole experience has been the statement above. The best thing about the trip was the superb communication before we departed, the endless gifts you provided, the superb organisation throughout the trip. You made this memorable experience smoother than I could have ever imagined, JazakhAllah Khair

Mr U Rashid (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

Honestly, I have never enjoyed performing ibadah so much especially after Dr Ahsan, our religious guide told us to enjoy this and not be scared. The only stress I had during this trip was making sure I was spending most of my time in ibadah with khushoo and excellence as Al-Hidaayah had sorted everything else out down to the minutest details. This was my first time doing Umrah and Hajj but it never felt like it, I felt at home as if I had been there so many times and this was due to the experience, organisation and guidance of the Al-Hidaayah team. This trip has given me a boost, a revival within my spirit and a fresh start coming back to the UK. I was able to reflect on how I want to become a better Muslim and what I need to change in order for my hajj to be accepted. May Allah (swt) accept it from me and reward the Al-Hidaayah team who have helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams, making it one of the best experiences of my life.

Mr Ameen (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

The impact that this trip had on me was that it was truly inspirational. Starting from the Eid-ul-Fitr gift to the inspirational books and lectures. The trip itself has increased my love for the deen and this is owed to Allah (swt) and the excellent guidance and organisation of Al-Hidaayah. The lectures have left a permanent impression one me and inshAllah I would like to learn more and practice more of the deen.


I always enjoy going for Hajj with Al-Hidaayah as I believe it is the best and most professional Hajj tour company in the UK. They deliver what they say!

Mr H Omar (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

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