Presenting the Hajj Tour, a unique experience delivered by Al-Hidaayah and authorised by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj.

Experience What Matters

Leave the rest to us

We understand that Hajj is a major undertaking – for most it is a once-in-a-lifetime journey. This is why we take the responsibility of facilitating Hajj so seriously.

Carefully planned logistics and the practical arrangements are absolutely essential to ensure the journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

However, what we feel is possibly more important, is helping you on your spiritual journey. We aim to make this pilgrimage a life changing experience.

Hajj is more than a set of rituals! Our educational programme will transform this trip into a profound spiritual journey.

We have an amazing group of highly quali ed religious scholars who accompany us. Not only will they be there to make sure that all the rites of Hajj and Umrah are performed correctly according to the Sunnah but they will be there every step of the way to inspire you and revitalize your faith.

As someone who may be going to perform Hajj for the rst time, it is natural to feel a little nervous. Don’t worry about anything. Let our fantastic team take care of all the practical arrangements whilst you immerse yourself in worship.

Experience what matters, leave the rest to us.

“Allhamdulliah it was the best experience of my life and facilitated by a group who I will never be able to repay. JazakAllah khairun”

Lubna Zubairi - Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2018

With us you get:

VIP Area In Mina

We accommodate all our pilgrims in the ‘VIP’ European area, which is directly opposite the Jamarat complex.

During the days of the rites of Hajj, the majority of time will be spent in the tents in Mina and visiting the Jamarat almost every day.

Makkah Metro Service

For our pilgrims, transportation to the various Hajj sites is by the Makkah Metro Train Service, cutting hours of travel time to minutes.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the pilgrims is the extremely lengthy coach journeys during the days of the Hajj rites. Often journeys of only a few miles can take 6-8 hours.

Facilities in Shisha

All of our groups will have access to our building located in Shisha, we are of the view that this is far more useful than having a hotel in Makkah during the days of the Hajj rites.

The stay in Mina is part of your Hajj Rites, the easily accessible accommodation we provide in Shisha is designed to alleviate a little pressure and provide facilities for simple refreshment and comfort.

Unrivalled Service

We have one of the highest rates of referrals a tour operator can boast. Over 90% of those who book with us do so based on a recommendation.

We pride ourselves on being committed Hajj tour operators who have the great honour of being entrusted by the Hujjaj to ensure their journey, both physical and spiritual, runs as smoothly as possible.

Hajj 2019 Packages to be released in March 2019 – Please register your interest

What Our Pilgrims Say:

I loved every minute of my Hajj journey meeting so many special people along the way. I was apprehensive before leaving but now realise that I needn’t have been as everything was so well organised and facilities provided nothing like I’d imagined. They were much, much better. I have wonderful special memories and new friends from my time in Hajj. Thank you to all concerned at Al-Hidaayah.

Ms B Rafiuddin (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

Alhumdhulillah, this was the best experience in my life and I have recommended this trip to everyone that I have been in contact with. I have learnt so much from this journey. I did not need to worry about the logistics. My only concern was focusing on hajj. All the hardships were taken care of by the team. Alhumdhulillah. I would highly recommend Al-Hidaayah to all who wish to go to hajj and insha Allah I will travel with you again in the future. Thank you for making my experience of Hajj an amazing one.

Ms K Chowdhury (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

Everything was organised very well. The leadership team really inspired me. They knew what they were doing. Really appreciate their efforts for making our journey so amazing and memorable. JazaakAllah Khayr!

S. Iltaf (2017 pilgrim)

How amazing you made our Hajj experience! Prior to booking, my sister and I were concerned because we were travelling with our elderly parents. We had nothing to fear. Al-Hidaayah staff treated us better than even close family members could have. Where family would have lost patience at times, Al-Hidaayah staff with us had unlimited patience . May Allah grant us too that kind of patience! May Allah reward you all for your efforts. May Allah increase you all in good in this life and the Hereafter. Ameen.

Ms T Bibi (Pilgrim of Hajj Tour 2016)

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